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Gerald Posner is an award winning journalist and author. His first book, a biography of the "Angel of Death," Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele, was the result of a pro-bono lawsuit Posner brought on behalf of surviving twins from the Auschwitz concentration camp. Since then he has written ten other books from the Pulitzer Prize-finalist Case Closed, to national bestsellers on political assassinations, organized crime, politicians, and terrorism and 9/11.

Based largely on the mixed realms of politics, history, and true crime, his investigative articles - from the New York Times to The New Yorker to Newsweek, Time and The Daily Beast - have included scoops that prompted Argentina to open its hidden Nazi files to researchers and historians; disturbing questions about clues missed in the FBI's investigation of a possible accomplice in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; a probe that helped prompt an official reopening of the investigation into the guilt or innocence of the Boston Strangler; and the expose of baseball star Pete Rose's gambling addiction, which led to his ban from the sport. His wife, author Trisha Posner, works with him on all his journalism.

On the legal side, Posner started his legal career in 1978 at the Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore.  He was a founding partner of the Fifth Avenue law firm of Posner & Ferrara. Today, as a member of the NY and DC bars, he represents a handful of international clients in crisis management.  In addition to his law license, Posner is a registered investment advisor pursuant to the Investment Advisory Act of 1940.

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